First week soon over! (English)

One week has soon passed on this Island. It’s been awesome and the time is flying! During the first day it felt like the things I did in the morning happened a week ago. Maybe it had to do with the ”jet lag”. 
The weather has also been kind to us. It’s been a little bit cloudy but degrees have still been around +25-28˚C.
IMG 4568
During saturday me and Mikael took a spontaneous trip to Costa Adeje, I still don't really know why but we had a great time exploring this city. It was newer and fresher than Playa de las Americás and maybe even a little bit more tourist friendly. We still need to go to some local place during our visit. We might rent a car some day soon.
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On Sunday the younger group tried out surfing. Me and Erica passed, since we have our ankle problems. We got a good theory class from Mr. Fred and the guys loved catching the waves, so tomorrow they’ll be going again and since it looked like so much fun, me and Erica will also be surfing! ;)
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Lather today I’ll be doing a second running session. The one I did on Saturday went better than back in Finland. I got closer to 7 seconds on 50meters and my ankle didn’t scream. 
It feels like the rehab is going much better here because of the heath. In Finland I had to relax for three-four days to be able to run/do weight training, but here it’s ok to do it every second day!
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We've also had time for some shopping and I guess that we'll hit the shopping street tonight once again :D Me and Erica also visited a restaurant called Habibi. Habibi can me found at the beach in Los Christianos. They have all kinds of tea, food and refreshments. We had tea with honey, ginger and cardamom. It was really good. Then we tried something called Hummus, that looked like bird shit according to me :D And in fact, it was a quite bad tasting... So don't have Hummus if you're going there :')
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Now I’m soon off for lunch after finishing ”Handelsrätt” class. I’m happy do be able to follow the classes from Tenerife, credits to all the teachers back at Hanken!
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