Summer, Autumn and Surgery (English)

I know I haven’t been writing much since I got back from Tenerife but I thought now is a good time to get started again. Summer went by incredibly fast and I spent the first half of the summer as an Accountant (that I’ve already had a lot of usage of so far during this semester). 
The second half of the summer I worked at an investment firm. I liked the second half of the summer more because I got to meet many interesting people and since I like to talk to people it made me feel good even though the days were long and rough. I think I drove nearly 5000 km during four weeks so now I even know all the smaller places in Ostrobothnia.

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Since I didn’t compete at all I had time to hang out with friends and family more than ever so there’s always something good coming from the ”bad”. 
While working I didn’t have much time to travel around in Finland as I usually have time for during the summer, but it was nice for once to be able ”to not be living in a suitcase”. 
How about my ankle then? Well, during the summer it was bad, every step that I took did hurt but I was still vaulting once a week. I won’t tell you guys how the vaulting went because it’s ”classified information” ;) but lets just say that it went well and my physics was almost better than before the surgery!
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The autumn started of well. I was training as usual with focus on my vaulting. I started vaulting from shorter run-ups and improved my plant a lot, but I still need to keep it together from longer run-ups.
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Last week I saw the surgeon for a last checkup while visiting friends and some companies in Helsinki. The company visits gave a lot of great knowledge about how it is to be working within finance companies! 
What did the surgeon have to say about my ankle then? Well, he wanted to open up my ankle again and polish the surface of the bone in my ankle where the problems have been and since it’s been hurting from simply walking. I thought that this would be a good idea. So two weeks from now I’ll travel once again to Helsinki and have the surgery done. This time I won’t be needing any crutches and I will be able to walk as normal after the surgery. The rehab will take four weeks and after that, according to the surgeon, I will be able to train normally.

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Finally I would like to thank all my supporters and sponsors for the support during this rough year and thank my newest sponsor OTC-Sijoitus for the support! You will all bring me far over 6 metres one day! ;)
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