One more week

One week left.

The time is flying away here and it certainly does not feel like we have been here for two weeks!  Me, Jesse and Mikael will still be staying here for one more week, but the girls are leaving tomorrow.  In other words, the “magic” week 3 is soon going to start! ;)
Hopefully we’ll have time over to go to the Capital (Santa Cruz) or/and the volcano Teide.
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During the last week we have not been doing much except that we went surfing once again! Unfortunately the waves this time were not as big as the last time. It was easy to get up on the board but the waves didn’t give us enough force to play with :/ Anyhow we were paddling around, waiting for bigger waves, for almost three hours and we got an AMAzing tan and red sore eyes from the saltwater. It was great fun!
With Mikael, we went exploring Los Christianos last Sunday. The atmosphere was much more relaxed than here in Playa de las Americás. I don’t really have anything else to say about that place so I’ll leave Los Christianos with that :D
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Trainings has laso been good down here lately, I got under 6 seconds at the last running (50m) session and tomorrow I’ll have another one. That means that I’m only half a second after this morning the girls were jumping and after the session we headed for some gymnastics with Fernando who had helped big stars in their training! I think it’s always impressive to see a bunch of pictures of famous people with the signatures hanging on the wall! However it was great fun to join one of his sessions. We were also laughing about the gymnastic hall because it would never be approved for use back in Finland :D
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This Monday it was Heidi’s birthday. We celebrated by going out eating at the beach, to a place called Royal Garden. It was really nice to be watching the sun coming down while eating, almost as back home ;)
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Erica planed a tattoo for my scars yesterday, what do you guys think about it? :’)
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Since it’s the girls last night here we’re soon heading out for dinner to Habibi, Los Christianos!


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