Finland calling! (English)

Then it’s time to go home!
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I’ve had a really lovely training camp and as I’ve probably been writing in every blog from this camp, time has been going amazingly fast!
My ankle has improved a lot which I am really happy with. Now I am able to run more or less completely without pain! Still waiting for the doctor give heads-up for letting me put spikes on. I will be visiting him again on the last week of May.
That week is going to be quite hectic because on Wednesday I’ll drive up and down to Helsinki to visit the doctor, followed by Thursday when me and my friends will be going to Gothenburg over the weekend and we’ll be home on Sunday evening. Lucky that the summer vacation begins that Monday!!
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IMG 23Back to Tenerife, last Sunday we rented a car and drove almost 300km. Most of the time we really had no clue where we were, but at least we visited Santa Cruz and the volcano Teide. Teide was lovely! Since we got lucky with the weather once again that day, we were able to see the nearby islands from the peak! I also took hand standing to a new level at 3718m heights ;).
The trip continued and we went to Santa Cruz. One advice, don’t go to Santa Cruz on a Sunday, because it’s not like the ordinary tourist places where everything is open as usual everyday. Most of the stores were closed and we were really struggling with finding an open restaurant. After finally finding a smaller café that served some kind of food we headed back towards Playa de las Americas with some few random stops. One of the places where we stopped was really nice, quite similar to los christianos but smaller and more like home isch? Anyhow I really felt familiar with the place and we had the best ice cream on our trip there!
Putting our trip story to an end, I can’t really understand how we (our pole vaulting group) always manage to get lost somehow but still manage to pull it off and make it home or to the place we are seeking for, but I guess that it has to do with the event itself. You do always have to figure out and solve all kinds of problems, winds, poles, measures and so on at the track and stay positive!...
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The last two days were nothing special. We did just trained and relaxed, went for some milkshakes and enjoyed lying by the pool talking to other athletes. Except that I got some strange battle scars from doing my daily rope skipping xD.
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I stayed the night at a hotel in London and soon I'll continue the trip with flying to Helsinki at 9.40 a.m. followed by a connection flight to Vaasa, can’t really remember what time that was but at least I’m in Vaasa 7.15 p.m. :D
On Friday I got plenty of catch-ups to do in school and with friends.
The day starts with a Trade Law presentation followed up with an English exam (that’s probably why I’ve been writing in English during this camp lol) and when the exam is over we’ll have a marketing presentation! I’m really looking forward to get that day over with so I can turn the sauna on and relax!!
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Anyways, thank you for staying tuned during my camp and you’ll hear from me soon enough when I got all the exams done! Finally I was really happy to see my team Chelsea FC win the league trophy!! It was like the cream on the cake to get back to the hotel and see that they had won the game against Crystal Palace! Cheers Blues!
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Jaa viesti...